A Weekend of Writing

Ah! It’s finally the freakin’ weekend. Time to take a break; relax; and write.

Last night, I dreamed up this big scene involving a war of rivaling dragons. (Like, I literally had a dream about it.)

The dragons would be fighting for days in this unpredictable war where both sides would win and lose various battles. At the end, though, the dragons would sign this historic peace treaty that’d immediately be recognized as an historic turning point in the Great War. It would be the beginning of an ending.

(Well, before there’d be a new beginning. In the sequel, the dragons would turn their attention to a new foe: incompetent knights.)

This dream was so inspiring that I actually woke up earlier this morning, at five in the morning, to write out the first page of the scene.

Unfortunately, though, in looking over that page, I now realize that it was nothing but late-night gibberish.

But whatever, the point remains the same: I am freakin’ ready to write!

I’m ready to turn my dream into the best fiction that reality has ever seen. A. Freakin’. Masterpiece.

Now, I just have to open up Microsoft Word, crack a few knuckles, and get to—

Wait? Did you hear that???

The TV just told me there’s sale on shoes this weekend. And OMG, did you see that tweet from the President this morning? I couldn’t believe it either!

Okay, I need a break.

I’ll get to my weekend of writing . . . next weekend.

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